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Hunguest Hotel Sun Resort
La Roche
Plava tišina
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”As we expanded our hotel facilities this year, we thought about some innovative and modern approach to F&B. The implementation of Orderize was the ideal solution for our room service and Beach Bar needs. The whole process was extremely quick and easy. Orderize proved to be a great ally in a large scale F&B operation, and the ability to connect to our system was a big plus. At the end of the day, the guests are the most important - the service time is significantly reduced, resulting in a satisfied customer. Since implementation is free and there are no additional costs for menu printing and design, this has resulted in a great cost savings add-on.”

- Bojana Toskovic
Food And Beverage Manager
Lazure Hotel & Marina

”We provided an amazing service during the times of Covid and the customers loved it!”

- Mikael Lundström
(Restaurant owner)

”Sometimes things turn out just right!”

- Julia Abrahamsson
(Hotel Manager)

”This was a great business opportunity for us and we love great business opportunities!”

- Tomica Radušić
(Hotel Manager)

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