Transforming guest experiences and operational efficiency with Orderize: The Lazure Marina & Hotel success story

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In the ever-evolving hospitality industry, delivering exceptional guest services while maintaining operational efficiency poses a significant challenge. Lazure Hotel Marina, a renowned hospitality establishment, has leveraged Orderize to overcome this challenge, transforming their room service operations and enhancing guest satisfaction.


Before integrating Orderize, Lazure Hotel Marina faced difficulties in managing room service operations efficiently, especially during peak seasons. The hotel aimed to elevate its service standards to meet the high expectations of international guests accustomed to seamless room service experiences.


Orderize became the cornerstone of Lazure Hotel Marina’s service offering over the last two seasons. The application provided unparalleled support in streamlining room service operations, enabling the hotel to deliver joy not only to its valued guests but also to its dedicated food and beverage staff.


Enhanced guest satisfaction:
The reliability and efficiency of Orderize have significantly improved guest experiences, making the application a standard of excellence among international travelers.

Operational efficiency:
The speed and accuracy of the Orderize system, particularly during high occupancy periods, have been critical in maintaining operational flow and efficiency.

Staff morale and efficiency:
With Orderize, the hotel has seen notable savings in labor costs and physical effort for the room service staff, allowing for quick service delivery and higher guest satisfaction without the need for additional workforce.

Exceptional support:
The technical and partner support provided by the Orderize team stands unparalleled, adding a layer of ease and friendliness to the hotel’s operations.


Srdjan Šalipur, the Food and Beverage Manager at Lazure Hotel Marina, praises Orderize for becoming an essential element of their business.

“Orderize not only brought operational excellence and guest satisfaction but also joy to our team. Its impact on our business is profound, from operational efficiency to guest experiences. The support from the Orderize team is incomparable, making our business not only more efficient but also more enjoyable. I highly recommend Orderize to any establishment looking to elevate their service to a higher level.”


Lazure Hotel Marina’s success story with Orderize highlights the transformative potential of integrating innovative technology solutions in the hospitality industry. By prioritizing efficiency, guest satisfaction, and staff welfare, Orderize has proven to be an indispensable tool for modern hospitality businesses aiming to stand out in a competitive market.

Discover how Orderize can revolutionize your hospitality services. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and start your journey towards operational excellence and unmatched guest satisfaction.


Elevating room service: Hotel Katamare

Elevating room service: Hotel Katamare

Luka Mirković: General Manager at Hotel Katamare